Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Afghanistan 2009 v Chicago 2008

Someone I know suggested that I take a look at US 2008 Presidential election results, precinct-by-precinct, when considering the Obama Administration's reported objections to recent polling in Afghanistan--since New York Times "journalists" Mark Landler and Helene Cooper had not bothered to do their homework. It's not hard. Here's a link to the Chicago Elections website. It shows, for example, that in Wards 3 to 9, President Obama and Vice-President Biden received over 95 percent of the votes cast:
Ward 3--97.05%
Ward 4--97.07%
Ward 5--97.13%
Ward 6--99.25%
Ward 7--98.69%
Ward 8--99.19%
Ward 9--98.80%

There was a similar pattern In my hometown of Washington, DC.:
Precinct 20--96.58%
Precinct 114--99.45%
Precinct 115--99.33%
Precinct 116--99.09%
Precinct 120--98.79%
So, I don't think that the Obama administration would ever choose to set aside votes in the United States in the way US Ambassador Karl W. Eikenberry has advocated doing in Afghanistan...