Friday, December 28, 2018

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

President Trump's 2018 Highs and Lows

Washington consultant Joe Gelman believes appointing Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was President Trump's greatest success in 2018. "Failing to drain the Swamp" is his greatest failure, "because instead the Swamp is draining him."

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Read Jane Jacobs' "Systems of Survival" to Understand Donald Trump


Jane Jacobs' 1992 "Systems of Survival: A Dialogue on the Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics" might explain Donald Trump's 2016 victory better than Steve Bannon's "Fourth Turning" or President Obama's "Arc of History."

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Bannon and Frum Debate Trump's American Populism--in Canada

Steve Bannon and David Frum's Munk Debate from November 2nd was one of the stranger television shows that I have seen. Contra Frum, Bannon argued President Trump is a transformative figure in "the Fourth Turning" of American history (The Revolution, Civil War and New Deal were the other three). So the Obama Administration's end represented the exhaustion of one cycle, the Trump Administration the beginning of another.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

The Unforgettable William Barr

Sometime in 1993, fate seated me next to former Attorney General William Barr on the Washington-NY shuttle. We spoke for about an hour about the recent tragic raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas which killed 76 people. He told me no one would have died if it had been properly handled. He knew because he supervised a similar raid at a prison in 1991--where everyone lived. I never forgot that conversation...

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Saturday, December 01, 2018

President George H. W. Bush (1924-2018): Outspoken Foe of Political Correctness

President George H.W. Bush is memorialized as an American war hero and symbol of civility. However, Americans need to remember that opposition to Political Correctness is equally his legacy, declared in a May 4, 1991 University of Michigan commencement address.

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