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George McGovern with Fidel Castro in Cuba
 ©ABIP 2020
by Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

It baffles me how anyone can sit and watch newscasts about Coronavirus on CNN, MSNBC or the former big three TV networks of the past.

Not long after I came to the U.S., simply by watching NBC, ABC and CBS, I realized their bias during the Vietnam War.

Their reporting contributed to the Communist takeover of South Vietnam, and the death of 58,220 American soldiers and 1 million after Communism in Vietnam and 2 million in Cambodia.  

They have a lot of blood in their hands.

While U.S. so-called “liberal” media was silent for years during Hitler's National Socialism in Germany in relation to Jews, after WW2 they didn't have any other alternative once others had exposed those crimes in the Nuremberg Trials.

However, the media subsequently failed to report 20 million killed in the Soviet Union since 1917 or 65 million in China's Mao Zedong since 1949.  As well as the result of Communism taking hold around the world. (See: 

Herbert Matthews, in The New York times in February of 1957 promoted the false image of Castro as a hero in the mountains of Cuba and supported him after his guerrilla takeover of Cuba imposing a criminal communist regime that killed many.  

Yet Castro caused extraordinary pain and suffering, as he completely ruined the economy and prosperity of a capitalist island.

I cannot forget the glowing and romantic reports on NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS by Dan Rather, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Peter Jennings, Bryant Gumbel, and others with interviews of Fidel Castro and his regime officials.  

Sympathy went to them, instead of Cuban victims. (See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zC_sodz50ws&t=2s)

Most media reports made Cuban exiles in the U.S. vomit or get ulcers. Yet when Cuban exiles criticized those propaganda pieces by writing and calling the networks or newspapers, it was to no avail. (See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODJQA8URo2o)

Once Richard Nixon was elected, the liberal media went into a frenzy against him.  The anti-Communist Nixon was not the candidate the media wanted America to elect...so they agitated relentlessly against the will of the American people.  Finally they got lucky with Watergate!

Early on in the affair, it had been reported that the reason for the break-in of the Democrat Party Office at the Watergate complex was to try to get proof that the Cuban Government (Fidel Castro) was giving money to George McGovern's presidential campaign, something that Cuban refugees knew.

However, McGovern was the favorite of the U.S. liberal media to defeat Nixon in 1972. So they didn't mind that he was known to be a friend of criminal dictator Fidel Castro.  

There are photos and videos of them walking on Cuban beaches.  McGovern's visit there in 1975 was reported in Rolling Stone (see: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/cuba-que-linda-es-cuba-a-journal-of-the-mcgovern-visit-167857/).

Don't be naive.  Interfering in U.S. elections is nothing new. Cuban-Americans know that Communist regimes always interfere in the internal affairs of capitalist countries.   

That's why Cuban exiles were involved in the break-in.  Many have forgotten this detail about the under-the-table money to the Democrat candidate for president favored by the liberal media, but I didn't.

Nixon's attempted coverup of the Watergate scandal was not the first in history.  Before and after Nixon other presidents have done similar things, including his immediate predecessor, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who bugged Rev. Martin Luther King.

Being anti-communists is a major reason why the liberal media hates Cuban exiles -- as well as other exiles from communist countries. 

The media don't like it when refugees from Communism reveal first-hand experiences with Communist terror or oppression.

Which means the media are themselves practitioners of coverups, as well as collaborators in coverups--of crimes against humanity up to and including mass-murder and genocide.

The break-in at the Watergate Hotel helped to generate increased hatred and disdain from the U.S. media for Cuban American exiles, which finally culminated in the Elian Gonzalez affair of 1999-2000.  

Then the U.S. liberal media removed their masks, openly insulting Cuban exiles with epithets like, “Miami Mafia,” “fanatics,” “vociferous,” “right wing,” “shameful,” “reactionaries,” “Republicans,” etc. (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-xdDGEEGaY&t=203s).

It reached the point where Cuban exiles could not express their political opinions in public places without being insulted by Americans...just like the way people who support Trump are treated with disrespect today by CNN, MSNBC, UNIVISION,  TELEMUNDO, The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald in Miami.

Incredibly by 2020, academia had been almost totally taken over by Marxist professors in the U.S. and most Western countries.  

What a contradiction!

The new generations of millenials, students of Marxist professors, have been hired by media, academia, politicians and in other fields.

They are beginning to take charge now, and they love to censor information and limit speech.  

They are in clash with aging baby boomers who still feel a certain fondness for the First Amendment.

Most boomers are used to open discussion, and were not fans of the atmosphere of PC and unbending dogmas resulting from a pure Marxist education.  

They are still for the free flow of ideas and open discussion.  But none of that is allowed by Marxist dogma.

Thus, the new generation of news media reporting is taking the tenor today of mass indoctrination with the goal of mass obedience appealing to emotion, fabrication of fake news to scare the audience (being used now by CNN, MSNBC the big three and PBS which should not be funded by taxpayers).

In other words, they are treating ordinary Americans the way they have treated Cuban-Americans for generations.

Marxism was the inspiration for Hitler's National Socialism, Russian Socialism and Communism, all ending up in totalitarian forms of government with a mighty power elite and the workers who cannot have what the elite have.  

But property and the means of production are not actually held in common.  They are owned and controlled by an elite.  This is known as the “have and have-not paradise”.  That's always the end result of such revolutions.

The news media and the Marxists managed to get an Alinskyite community organizer, President Barack Obama, into the White House,  and so begin the still unexplained “Fundamental Transformation” of the United States, as he so famously declared (see: 

But he suffered a big defeat in 2016, when his anointed follower, fellow-Alinskyite Hillary Clinton, lost the election to Donald Trump (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4wCaEuvT_o&t=58s).

Even before Donald Trump became President, the liberal media declared the war against him and his family.  They unleashed all the power they have in their campaign to destroy his presidency, and the country.

In this, the U.S. media is acting in accordance with the Communist motto, “The end justifies the means.”  

Just like in China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela and other communist hellholes.  The same manipulations, deceptions, misinformation and propaganda as in all of those countries.

Now with the emergence of China's Coronavirus, they see a golden opportunity to ruin his economy and to put a corrupt and apparently senile puppet candidate in the Presidency... via massive vote fraud through mailed ballots, no voter ID, people voting multiple times, illegal and dead-people votes and new schemes which concocted by Pelosi-Schumer and other House and Senate Democrats—or should I call them “Demonrats?”

Sadly, I was right some decades ago when I declared that the U.S. liberal media--by using Communist techniques--had become enemies of Liberty and the American people (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDCwVM3fFd8&t=282s).

Filmmaker Agustin Blazquez produced and directed the 2017 feature documentary film THE TRUMP EFFECT: Deprogramming the American Mind.

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Coronavirus Crisis: The Future is Now

How do we wish to live after this pandemic is over? To go back to the routines of 2019...or to chart a new course for a changed world, to find new ways of living post-Coronavirus?

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U.S. Department of Homeland Security photo of 1980 Mariel Boatlift by Robert L. Scheina

by Agustín Blázquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton 
© ABIP 2020

I had never faced death before nor seen it on other people’s faces. I’ll never forget those children. Or the look in their mothers’ faces,” said Eduardo Serrera in Helga Silva’s book The Children of Mariel.

While Cubans did not leave their country before 1959, once Cuba became Castro’s communist paradise, history is riddled with massive and daring escapes. There are enough thrilling and dramatic stories to fill entire libraries and entire graveyards. But these escapes happened in all countries that fall to Communism as life becomes unbearable.

Eduardo Serrera recalls the traumatizing event he experienced after leaving the port of Mariel, Cuba in 1980. He was crammed aboard a 24-foot shrimp boat along with 36 men, women and children. He was leaving with his mother, but was forced to travel separately by Castro’s guards. He lost track of her.

By the third day water started coming into the boat. We used everything at hand – buckets, containers – to bail out.” Fortunately, around noon the U.S. Coast Guard spotted the boat. Serrera recalls, “The sailors had to make a human chain to physically lift us from our sinking boat.”

Aboard the cutter on their way to the U.S., they encountered other Cubans in distress in the Florida Straits. But not everybody could be saved because the waves prevented the Coast Guard cutter from getting close enough to rescue them. A boat was drifting away and falling apart and Serrera cannot forget the screams for help.

It was awful.” When the women aboard realized that they could not be rescued, they “picked up their children and threw them over the railings over to our side. Eight or nine children were flung in the air. I caught one, a baby – about nine months old – so cold his skin was blue. And his eyes were open wide in terror.

The women on the boat looked so desperate when their boat began to drift away. They wailed in pain. I could hear their voices trail off in the darkness begging us to look after their children.”

According to Helga Silva’s book, of the more than 125,000 refugees who came to the U.S. during the 1980 Mariel boatlift, there were 13,000 to 18,000 minors.

But the U.S. “liberal” media (with a few exceptions) was silent to these tragedies and at every opportunity the Cuban exiles were derided and vilified for being anti-communists. Their experiences with that totalitarian system were left out of the mainstream media and Americans were kept ignorant of this example of the evil of Marxist philosophy.

Today with the experience of the coronavirus and the secrecy of China's Communist Party, I hope that many wake up and think very seriously about the future of America and for whom they must vote. If we lose America, we don't have any place to escape to.

Filmmaker Agustin Blazquez's latest production is The Ava Gardner Museum

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The Coronavirus' "Second Coming"

W.B Yeats in 1908 (Wikimedia photo in public domain)
If not handled skillfully, the Coronavirus will surely return. Yet at this time, as Yeats wrote: "The best lack all conviction, while the worst/ Are full of passionate intensity." In order to overcome it, America needs a national commitment to humility, patience and bipartisan cooperation.

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The Wages of "Resistance" is Coronavirus

White House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian
The Coronavirus pandemic has become a global test for the American way of life. Partisan political division must be replaced by bipartisan cooperation for America to win the battle against Coronavirus and continue as a Superpower.

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