Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Coming in 2020: Julian Raven v. The Smithsonian Institution

Artist Julian Raven is suing the Smithsonian over its rejection of his painting of President Trump titled "Unafraid and Unashamed." His case heads to the Supreme Court in 2020...

Read all about it at TheLatest.com: https://thelatest.com/tlt/coming-2020-julian-raven-the-smithsonian-institution-smithsonian-institution-donald-1577743009

Monday, December 23, 2019


by Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

 ©2020 ABIP

It's a fact that President Trump is not a politician. But that is precisely why he was selected by the American people to be their President. It's refreshing to see that he talks to the forgotten Americans without political subterfuges.
Decades of career politician elites are focused on re-election rather than the good of the country. They rapidly become millionaires, by way of books and speaking gigs if not under the table from donors, lobbyists and corporations. Add with support from their parties they become pawns. The interests of their constituents take a distant back seat in their limousines.
Americans have been forgotten while politically divided into groups to be used by promising what these career politicians fail to deliver. Look what is happening in cities and to infrastructure. Chicago for example.
President Trump, who isn't tied to special interests, in spite of the open resistance and cries for impeachment even before he became President, has not forgotten to deliver his promises to the voters, resulting in unprecedented economic success. He has improved opportunities and living conditions of the workers.
This was promptly accomplished by eliminating thousands of Obama's regulations which made the government bureaucracy flourish while preventing small business to prosper. These policies had driven to destitution thousands of Americans who became welfare recipients.
The Founding Fathers were farmers and people of honor who didn't imagine that centuries later the Presidents, Representatives and Senators could become a corrupt government elite. Most became creatures of a huge, collective, political swamp. That's why President Trump was elected by the voters tired of the status quo.
There are some exceptions, but not enough to prevent the political parties from becoming negative to the original concept of America: “We the People.” Not “We the politicians” and especially not “ We the socialist elite”.
I began to notice this pernicious deviation from the Father's concepts a few years after I immigrated to the U.S. I noticed the Democrat Party was leading America astray. The foreign ideology they were adopting was one that creates a powerful political elite that will dominate everything. I noticed that the Republican Party was letting it develop not doing their duty on behalf of the American people. I was disappointed, to say the least.
I noticed the cooperation and eventual collaboration much of the U.S (so-called) “liberal” media and their silence about the pervasive corruption. I sadly realized that politicians, media and academia were becoming enemies of America and the enemies of freedom, as in my former country.
Since 2009, the situation became worse as the process was accelerated by Obama. The Republican Party I hoped could correct the course, but sadly, did not. I blame the two parties, but one of them is worse by pushing a doomed ideology foreign to freedom, democracy and our Constitution.
At the end of 2016 the country was left divided and before Donald Trump became President a political war was declared by the Democrats and the “liberal” media against him. Our freedoms were hanging in the wind. The children had been indoctrinated to reject Capitalism and embrace Socialism.
Because of the Marxist “political correctness”--imposed a few decades ago—we cannot talk freely to each other and the resulting intolerance divides families and friends. We were insulted by screams of “racist,” “homophobic,” “misogyny,” “Islamophobic,” and other epithets.
The tenor of the violence of Fascist-technique front groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, violent students groups on campuses censoring speakers and Facebook listing hundreds of anatomically impossible genders makes it utterly clear: The imposition of Socialism in America will be ugly.
Forget the Scandinavian socialist model that doesn't exist anymore due to failure.
After three years of a President truly fighting back against that anti-human abomination he is hated and despised by the Democrat Party and that “liberal” media and academia. They do not want their swamp to be cleaned. They fear that the nightmarish descent into Socialism might be stopped. That's why their sham-based hatred and the insistence on an impeachment.
After this enormous waste of time and taxpayer money, the pathetic Nancy “Pelousy” lowers the United States House of Representatives with her unabashed, childish displays.
President Trump is not a politician and I am glad. He is the only one who has kept his promises as he moves our country away from Socialism while under constant pressure to stop him. That's enough for people who know first-hand what it is to be victimized by the left's totalitarian ideology.
Americans do not have experience with real totalitarianism in their own skin. They reject the evidence of what it is like living under the boot of a government. They refuse to consider the horrors of living with no freedom and doing what the government dictates or else. They ignore what it is to lose your property and your family members. Life in forced labor and concentration camps. Lack of medicine, health care and millions death. Those are the actual results of Socialism and Communism.
Do not listen to Marxists' promises and the siren calls of those body snatchers. They lie to get people hooked and to maintain their power. They make their promises sound and feel good but the promises are empty. Look at Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Vietnam, etc. It is a trap. When you fall in that hellhole it is almost impossible to escape. Their creed is “The end justifies the means.”
Unfortunately, many members of the Democrat Party belong to The Democratic Socialists of America, founded and financed by the former communist Russia and is active today. It's not in the best interest of America.

The Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves with what is going on in their beloved America and mine.

Agustin Blazquez produced and directed THE TRUMP EFFECT: Deprogramming the American Mind (2017).

Sunday, December 01, 2019