Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How Come The New York Times Isn't Covering This Story?

Are only white, British-Irish passport-holding, NY Times staffers worth saving? Afghan NY Times reporter (called a "fixer" in some news accounts) Sultan Munadi's father doesn't think so. He thinks it merits an investigation...something the New York Times could do, if anyone cared about Afghan employees. Do New York Times editor Bill Keller and publisher Pinch Sulzberger disagree? From the BBC:
The father of an Afghan journalist who died when British forces tried to rescue him from the Taliban is demanding a full enquiry.

The British reporter Stephen Farrell was freed unharmed in the raid. However, his Afghan colleague, Sultan Munadi, a British soldier and two Afghan civilians died during exchanges of gunfire.

It is reported that twelve Taliban fighters were also killed.

Afghan journalists have voiced concerns that the British reporter was rescued whilst his Afghan counterpart died.
BTW, now that it is all over, one lasting result of this affair for journalism was that it corrupted Wikipedia as part of an official NY Times policy of news suppression and censorship--which failed to help Sultan Munadi one bit... I hope his family sues the New York Times in an American court.