Monday, May 27, 2013

Daniel Pipes on Islamism
Islamism is a totalitarian movement like fascism and communism. We could learn from the techniques used to fight the fascists and the communists. First, the policy of Western countries should be always oppose the Islamists, always everywhere. It's like opposing the Nazis. We don't work with them. They are a barbaric enemy. They might be living among and trying to be very polite, but they are the enemy. Second, always work with the liberal secular modern elements in Muslim societies. They are the hope for the future. They are the hope for the Middle East and the modern world. Thirdly, work with the tyrants if you have to but always on the basis of pushing them toward more rule of law, more civil society, more political participation. Had we done this is with (former Egyptian president Hosni) Mubarak when he took over in 1981, pushed him to be less tyrannical, then by 2011 you might have a much better Egypt.