Tuesday, May 28, 2013

COMMENT NO LONGER FREE at UK Guardian Newspaper

Obviously, George Orwell wasn't making up his "Ministry of Truth." Guardian "Comment is Free" editor Natalie Hanman's post is actually headlined: "COMMENT IS FREE> Woolwich attack: why we have decided to turn off comments..."
There has been some confusion from commenters as to why we have turned off the ability to comment on Comment is free articles about the Woolwich attack. In an ideal world, we would allow our readers to debate all of the articles we run on the site, but we felt it was sensible for us to restrict comments on these pieces because once people have been arrested there is a risk of contempt of court if users post prejudicial remarks about the case. Following consultation with our lawyers and community moderators, we will endeavour from now on, where resources allow, to have one premoderated thread on the topic open each day. Today's article from Boya Dee is here.
Boya Dee's Orwellian headline: "Despite witnessing the Woolwich murder, I still have faith in humanity..."