Friday, February 13, 2009

Holland v. UK War of Words Over Free Speech Rights

Britain's ban and deportation of Netherlands MP Geert Wilders, on his way to the House of Lords, has led Holland to call for anti-British sanctions in the EU according to The Telegraph:
The matter could be raised as soon as next week at the European Parliament.

Thijs Berman, a Dutch EU Socialist Parliamentarian, said he will discuss the case during Tuesday's socialist EU Parliamentarians meeting in Brussels.

He said he was keen to obtain an "official rebuke" to Britain because the country had made a "totally wrong decision" by banning Mr Wilders.

He said: "We fought four wars against Britain and Mr Wilder's case will certainly not bring us to starting another one, but Freedom of Speech must be defended..."
BTW, I have not seen many other public references to wars between Britain and Holland in recent times. As a New York City native, I am of course aware of my native city was formerly Nieuw Amsterdam.