Friday, July 24, 2009

Memo to President Obama: Order a Federal Civil Rights Investigation of Cambridge Police Department

At their press conference today, police union leaders upped the ante on Cambridge's Gates arrest scandal, demanding an apology from the President. This is a much more interesting political test issue than the health-care bill, now under revision due to its inordinate complexity. It gives the President a chance to show some leadership on a matter where he actually has expertise as a lawyer.

IMHO, President Obama should respond to the police unions by ordering a federal civil rights investigation into the actions of the Cambridge Police Department in the Gates case. If the police have nothing to hide, they should welcome such an investigation and be fully cooperative.

If they do have something to hide, as Bill Cosby's comments on Fox News indicate..well, then it is time the problem were addressed and resolved, rather than covered up.

BTW, At the press conference, a spokesman for Cambridge police "stupidly" revealed that he did not understand the difference between an adverb and an adjective (see post below):
Steve Killian, the president of the Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association took exception to the president's charge that Cambridge police handled the incident "stupidly."

"Cambridge police are not stupid. I am proud to represent the officers of the Cambridge Police Department," Killian said. "I think the president should make an apology to all law enforcement personnel throughout the entire country."