Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bull Moose: Don't Forget Danish Cartoon Jihad

Bull Moose says the Danish Cartoon Jihad is bigger than the Dubai port deal:
It is not wise to allow a foreign power with past ties to the Taliban to have any control over our ports. And politicians who claim that this controversy has nothing to do with the fact that this is an Arab owned company are being completely disingenuous. The real problem is lax port and border security. However, this dispute is far less significant than the ongoing global Jihad against Western freedom. Yes, the Moose is referring to the cartoon riots.

Politicians are falling over themselves to denounce the UAE port deal, but they are largely silent or ambivalent about the cartoon riots. Parenthetically, it is deeply ironic that some of the politicians who are in a rage over the port deal want to make certain that a FISA judge has the last word on whether the NSA can intercept a call from a terrorist in Pakistan and his contact on the dock at the port of Baltimore. It is easy to take a shot a shoddy port security, but it is another matter to take a firm position that may get them into trouble with the international or domestic political correctness police.

Of course, one can be both for port security and for the uncompromising defense of Western freedom against the Jihadist attack on Denmark. However, most politicians are taking the easy route and ignoring the latter outrage. It is definitely conceivable that a port (or our porous borders) may someday provide an entry for terrorists - we must remain vigilant. But at this very moment, there is an ongoing, worldwide assault on Western freedom. And the death toll is mounting. In the last few days, Muslim rioters have killed Christians in the streets of Nigeria and churches are being burned.

There is no clear partisan advantage to be gained in strongly denouncing the cartoon Jihad and unambiguously stand with the Danes. However, in this long, twilight struggle against Jihadism, this is a moment that requires and unqualified defense of the West.
I think they may be connected, since Dubai has banned publication of the Danish cartoons, even reportedly blocking Michelle Malkin's website...