Sunday, December 06, 2020

Son of a Bitch...Biden Confessed to Rigging the Election -- AGAIN.

In Joe Biden's December 2nd interview with New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman headlined, "Biden Made Sure Trump Is Not Going to Be President for Four More Years," the Great Pretender boasted: 

"I feel like I've done something good for the country by making sure that Donald Trump is not going to be President for four more years."

Interestingly, Biden didn't say something cliche, like "the People have spoken." 

Or, "the voters have spoken."

Or, "Americans made sure Donald Trump is not going to be President..."

Which was unusual.

Usually politicians credit the American People--because they are sovereign under the Constitution and they want to enjoy the blessing of their legitimacy. 

Instead, Biden shameless took personal credit for what happened on Election Day.

Coming after earlier statements that "I don't need you to get me elected" because he had "the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics," it is an obvious giveaway  Biden knows that American voters didn't choose him--he chose for them.

Strangely, in the same interview, he joked about his getting Attorney General William Barr "in the witness protection program for endorsing me." 

Does Biden have a "thing" about Attorneys-General? It certainly seems so from his comments, at least to me. If he didn't talk to him, why suggest that he had done so? It would only look suspicious.

It was clearly peculiar to say that he was talking to Barr, considering recent bribery allegations surrounding Biden's involvement in the firing of a Ukrainian Attorney General investigating Burisma and accusations that he had earlier pressured the Attorney General to back off investigations...just as Barr has backed off investigation of voter fraud allegations in the 2020 US Election.

Let's take Joe Biden at his word, and assume he told the truth to Friedman about making an offer to Barr.

Now, if I were an investigator, I'd want to look into the content of all communications between Biden and Barr in recent months to see what the heck is going on. It was very strange to see an Attorney General contradict the President by coming to a conclusion before having all the facts from an official investigation. And I had wondered why he did it.

Could it have been that Biden asked him to do it? Or that he personally favored Biden, as Biden said? 

Because even if Biden was only talking to Barr about baseball, I'd think any conversation about any topic between them in the middle of a national crisis presents enough of an "appearance of impropriety" for Barr to resign in disgrace immediately. 

And if they didn't talk, why exactly did Biden make such a suspicious joke in the national newspaper of record?

One other comment jumped off the page.

Friedman wrote:

"Biden was careful about how he talked about McConnell, who has been careful not to call Biden 'president-elect.' Biden obviously wants to keep the prospects of cooperation open...'Let me put it this way', he said. 'There are a number of things that when McConnell controlled the Senate that people said couldn't get done, and I was able to get them done with [him]...I think there are trade-offs, that not all compromise is walking away from principle,' Biden added, 'He knows me, I know him. I don't ask him to embarrass himself to make a deal.'"

Now, that sounds pretty vague and empty on the surface. But it made me wonder about a peculiar aspect of the voter fraud allegations--namely that Democrats appear to have stuffed ballots in names of Biden and Harris in swing state ballot-stuffing, but not down-ballot the Senate.

Shortly after preliminary results were "called" on Election Day, GOP pundits announced they could live with the loss of the White House so long as they held on to the Senate, instead of pointing out that it was suspicious that the GOP could gain seats in the House, retain the Senate, but lose the Presidency.

At the time, I only thought it was only because the GOP Establishment always hated President Trump. But after Biden's NY Times interview, another possible explanation came to mind.

In addition to possibly making a deal for Barr not to investigate him, could Biden perhaps have made a deal with McConnell to ignore Democratic voter fraud in the Presidential race in exchange for not stuffing down-ballot races?

Such as the apparent deal McConnell made to appoint federal judges, in exchange for allowing Democrats to block Presidential executive branch appointments for years?

As someone who lived in Washington, DC for 27 years, it seems within the realm of possibility that he had made a deal with McConnell and other top Republicans to double-cross President Trump. After all, a number of GOP Big Shots appeared at the Democratic Convention this year. You don't get something for nothing, especially in Washington.

Such a deal might also explain peculiar behavior by Republican Governors in places like Arizona and Georgia in not helping their party's candidates to vigorously fight voter fraud, while fighting hard for GOP Senate candidates.

Generally, when someone has told you what he's going to do,  then done it, and boasted about what he did afterwards--he's confessed.

Of course, maybe Biden's remarks were just a gaffe, or series of gaffes. 

But as Joe Biden declared in 2012, "understand that in Washington, DC, a gaffe is when you tell the truth."