Wednesday, June 01, 2005

From Olle Wastberg's Lips to the Nobel Prize Committees Ears...

In today's New York Times the former Swedish Consul General nominates former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for the Nobel Peace Prize. One reason is that Rudy saved some 10,000 lives:

Or, in more human terms, it would appear that over the last 12 years the policies Mr. Giuliani put in place have spared New York perhaps 10,000 murders, 15,000 rapes and 800,000 robberies. This is clearly a humanitarian accomplishment of great magnitude.

Unlike my April 1st nomination of George W. Bush, this is not an April Fool's joke. I'm a native New Yorker who didn't believe the city could be saved--until Rudy Giuliani turned it around! I had the privilege of meeting Hizzoner at a Gracie Mansion reception for a UN photo exhibit dedicated to diplomats who saved Jews from Nazis during WWII (one of them, Aristides de Sousa Mendes, saved my mother's family), by granting visas, often against the policies of their own governments. It was at the same time of the Elian Gonzales showdown in Miami, and Hilary Clinton, who had been invited, did not attend, perhaps because she was deporting the child refugee back to Castro's tender bosom at the point of a semi-automatic weapon. In any case Giuliani quoted Winston Chuchill about there being a special place in hell reserved for those who see evil and do nothing about it. Then he shook hands with everyone in the room who wanted to. I rushed up. He had the warmest handshake that I ever felt, and I was almost overcome. This was before 9/11--when he showed such heroism at the World Trade Center.

Like Olle Wastberg, whose fellow Swede Raoul Wallenberg was honored the same day I met Hizzoner, I want Giuliani to win the Nobel Peace Prize.