Tuesday, July 03, 2018

FIDEL CASTRO & THE LITTLE RED HEN: "Acts of Repudiation" in Cuba and the USA

by Agustin Blazquez 
with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton
The parallels are uncanny – and unnerving.  A mob descending on the home of a classical guitarist in Castro’s Cuba – his only crime: wanting to leave the country – and the in-your-face harassment of Trump officials today.

“This street belongs to Fidel!”  A short preview of the documentary Act of Repudiation depicts a horde of people in communist Cuba attacking the home of the guitarist, his wife, and three young daughters over 11 days.

And thus we see that the current wave of vitriolic demonstrations of intolerance in the U.S. today is an old tool of Marxist philosophy used by all left-wing regimes in history.

In Castro's Cuba, the tool was used so frequently it had a name:  “Act of Repudiation”.

Decades of Marxist philosophy served up by academia, media, and Hollywood have set the stage for the spectacles we are witnessing in the U.S. today: the public harassments Congresswoman Maxine Waters is demanding.

Acts of Repudiation are a communist/fascist technique used by the former Soviet Union, its satellites, and Hitler's National Socialist Nazi Party, as well as the Ku Klux Klan.  The Acts are designed to intimidate, terrorize, neutralize, and silence anyone who stands in the way.

For those who still have not connected the dots due to so much misinformation and propaganda from the mainstream media, I want to clarify:  Marxism is the root of Communism, the Nazi National Socialist Party classified as Fascist, Socialism, collectivism and today’s “progressivism”.

All of these ‘ism’s’ are variants of left-wing Marxist philosophy.

The last one – progressivism -  is just a ruse using a benign sounding word to deliver uninformed people to the same thing, a totalitarian society, the ultimate objective of all flavors of left-wing political theory.

This spread of Marxism in the U.S. has distorted "liberalism" into the antithesis of liberty, and diverted the Democrat Party into foreign left-wing ideology which is the opposite of America’s classical liberal founding and the U.S. Constitution.

For decades now, many Democrat members of Congress are members of the Democratic Socialists of America or other proto-communist groups.  They are part of the international communist network.  Communist Russia has been interfering in U.S. affairs for decades through the Communist Party USA.

Although well aware, the rest of the members of the Democrat and the Republican Parties are complicit in their silence as is the mainstream media and even supposedly critical pundits.

But the Democrat Party has descended so far to the left and has become so intolerant, fanatic and prone to violence that for quite a number of years I have been calling them “Demonrats.”  They are no longer an American party and they obviously don't protect and defend the security of the citizens.

The control of our academic world by Marxist professors is invalid in a democratic republic!  They are reprogramming new generations of Americans.  The end result is a new generation so uninformed that they have no idea where Socialism will lead.

All Marxist derivatives lead directly to an all-powerful government where a ruling elite and bureaucracy dictate all aspects of our private and public lives.  Their goal is global government with a mighty ruling elite at the top and the workers at the bottom.

The corrupt and deceptive mainstream U.S. media--with some exceptions--participate in the "resistance” and complicate matters by facilitating hate and glorifying Acts of Repudiations in public and private places.

What that despicable Congresswoman Maxine Waters espouses--‘confront, harass, create a crowd, and push back’--is nothing clever, new, or original.  It is a tired, old, Marxist technique trotted out whenever logic fails and hysterical emotion is substituted for reason.  [Editor’s Note: Maxine Waters has long supported communist causes and has numerous ties to communist and socialist groups.]

If the same intolerant, hysterical, and violent atmosphere continues in the U.S. today, we are all in for a rude awakening.  America as we have known it will be no more.

Down with the worms! Kill the kulaks! Sieg heil!

Originally published on The Spider & The Fly under the title "ACTS OF REPUDIATION - DOWN WITH THE WORMS! - ‘Confront, Harass, Create a Crowd, and Push Back!’ at http://www.spider-and-the-fly.com/acts-of-repudiation.html.
© 2018 ABIP by Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton, reprinted by permission of the author.