Tuesday, April 02, 2013

RubinReports: None, A Poem


None (Satire)

By Barry Rubin

Ten little countries standing in a line,
Iran had a revolution, then there were nine.
Nine little entities dangled just like bait,
Hamas took over Gaza and then there were eight.
Eight little countries thinking about heaven,
Turkey elected Islamists and then there were seven.
Seven little countries, in the geopolitical mix,
Lebanon elected Hizballah and then there were six.
Six little countries trying to stay alive,
The Brotherhood took Tunisia and then there were five.
Five little countries leaning on the door,
There goes Egypt and now there are four.
Four little countries redefining what is free,
Syria had a civil war and soon there will be three.
Three little countries doing something they will rue,
Afghanistan when Americans go will probably make it two.
Who will be next? It’s not all that hard to say,
Some think Saudi Arabia already is that way.
Bahrain’s on the verge; Qatar’s on their team,
Things may be far evenworse than what they seem.
Obama, Brennan, Hagel, Kerry think this is good,
Do you really believe they should?