Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Judith Miller: US "Buying Time"

After hearing some of Petraeus on C-Span, I thought it sounded like American strategy was to buy time until Bush left the White House, then dump the Iraq mess in the lap of the next President (hopefully, Giuliani, who I believe can clean it up). Now, it appears that "buying time" is also US strategy in the war against Bin Laden. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Judith Miller reports.
Complacency would indeed be dangerous. There will be no "mission accomplished" banners in this war - a campaign unlikely to end in my lifetime. American intelligence and counter-terrorism officials can only do their jobs, buy time, and hope that the wave of militancy that has engulfed so many Islamic communities ebbs.

Osama bin Laden marked the September 11 anniversary not by conducting another devastating strike but by releasing a videotape, his first in three years. His continued freedom is a triumph of sorts. It also shows how challenging a task defeating such an enemy has become.

A recent National Intelligence Estimate warned Americans that al-Qa'eda remains the single greatest terrorist threat to the US. Other assessments share its gloomy findings that the number of jihadis is increasing.
Personally, contra Judith Miller and US intelligence and counter-terrorism officials, I would prefer the war on terror to end in my lifetime, if not sooner. I think Miller's article provides evidence that we need a military draft and mobilization of the entire American people to get this job done as soon as possible. It's manifestly become bogged down in bureaucracy and careerism at the highest levels of government...unforgivable six years after attacks on New York and Washington, DC.

As Bob Dole used to ask: "Where's the outrage?"