Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Belinda Stronach on Bill Clinton

The Canadian MP talked to the CBC about news reports of her relationship with the former US President:
CAROLE MACNEIL: Did you see the Globe? Not the Globe and Mail but the Globe Magazine in the grocery stores this week? It has a picture of you and Bill Clinton.

BELINDA STRONACH: I think that was last week

CAROLE MACNEIL: Or last week, yeah. What's your reaction?

BELINDA STRONACH: Look there's, there's media out there, it's ... it's a tabloid. So Canadians can judge if it's entertainment, or if it's newsworthy or if it's factual and then, I'm saying it's a tabloid.

CAROLE MACNEIL: You're saying it's not factual? I ... the only reason I say that, and I know it sounds weird that I say that, but, because somebody said "is she having a relationship with Bill Clinton?" I mean, it's a question that's out there and everybody knows it's out there. What is your relationship with Bill Clinton?

BELINDA STRONACH: Bill Clinton is somebody I know, is someone I've had the opportunity to meet through a number of circumstances, is someone that I would welcome the advice on if I had the opportunity to take it, but that's it. That's it.

CAROLE MACNEIL: Does he give you any advice, or has he given you any advice?

BELINDA STRONACH: That's it. Like, given the opportunity to, I've met many world leaders, Bill Clinton, and many others, and uh, I consider it a great honour to be able to meet people that have achieved great things, and given the opportunity to discuss complex issues, I would take that opportunity. But no, we don't consult each other on a regular basis. (smiles)
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