Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Jim Lehrer's Best Interview, Ever

That's what it seemed like, watching ex-Marine Jim Lehrer go mano a mano with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers on the NewsHour. No question about it, Lehrer made him look like a fool, with questions like this:

JIM LEHRER: But would you understand, General, why people would be a little skeptical? We've heard this before, Zarqawi's right hand man, Zarqawi's number three, this number of people, and the thing we keep hearing, all the insurgency has been broken, it's just a bunch of dead-enders, they're in the throes of whatever, and then 60 people die.

It seemed like Myers couldn't convincingly answer any of Lehrer's questions, and that the problem was putting politics (we didn't want to appear to be occupiers) over performance (decisively defeating the enemy). Who is resposible for that? The political leadership, said Myers. In other words, don't blame me Jim, blame Bush and Rumsfeld...