Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Diplomad is Shutting Down!

No, it wasn't by Vladimir Putin's iron hand, under Islam Karmov's repressive regime, but America that has shut downThe Diplomad, and he's issued this farewell:

It's been fun; the postings from the readers have been great (except for the idiot trolls -- the same ones who collapsed our hotmail account and made it useless.) But for a variety of personal and professional reasons it's time to stop (we might blog again under a different name; might not.) Lest any of you think so, we have not been threatened or shut down; the State Department goons are not knocking at the door. It's just time to do something else.

The Chief Diplomad urges all of you to read the very well written brother sites at Daily Demarche and New Sisyphus (maybe they'll let us put up an occasional posting.) We've heard that our Republican cousins over at USAID might be starting a blog, too, so keep an out eye for it.

The Diplomad says good bye and thanks.

Translation: The State Department knows who he is, and told the Diplomad to shut up. The thing is, The Diplomad has offered really good stuff--helpful to America's cause. I did always wonder how he got away with it.

I hope Secretary of State Rice finds The Diplomad--and puts him in charge of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, asap. If our official line sounded more like The Diplomad, and less like "The Sound of Silence," America might be doing a lot better in the international arena.