Monday, April 03, 2006

Cuban Rhumba Queens!

Our friend Agustin Blazquez just released his new movie:
directed & edited by Agustin Blazquez
produced & distributed by

Rumberas Cubanas Vol 1.


This is a compilation of 40 musical numbers (1942-1959) and is an homage to the memory of this great star of Spanish language films.

Born Maria Antonieta Pons in Havana, Cuba, on June 11, 1922, she was discovered by the Mexican film producer, Juan Orol, who became her first husband. Her debut was in the made-in-Cuba film "Siboney" (1938). Soon she became a famous star participating in 53 more films until her retirement in 1965. She was one of the stars that helped to define the "rumbera films" genre. Characteristic of this genre are melodramatic stories about seductresses, fallen women and especially the musical numbers they performed in cabaret scenes. Pons was one of the stars that with her extravagant costumes and wild rumba dancing earned the nickname "Tropical Queens" and created a style that lasted into the 50s. Her second husband was Ramon Pereda who produced and directed some of her films.

Without a doubt this can be one of the most unique DVDs in your collection.

Price: $19.75