Tuesday, August 31, 2004


John LeBoutillier says Bush's Freudian slip during the Republican Convention is a big boost for John Kerry:

"Day - and Night - One of the GOP Convention in New York was devoted to extolling President Bush’s conduct of the post-9/11 War on Terror. That is why former NYC Mayor Rudi Giuliani and Senator John McCain were selected by the convention organizers as the main speakers. But then something unexpected happened: President Bush told Matt Lauer on the TODAY SHOW that, on the very same topic - the War on Terror- 'I don’t think we can win it.'

"Can’t 'win' it?

"In Mr. Bush’s standard stump speech every day he talks about what we are doing to win the War on Terror! But suddenly he let his hair down and admitted we 'can’t win it.' By last night the Kerry/Edwards ticket - down for weeks due to the Swift Boat attacks - were re-energized. ABC’s NIGHTLINE lat night was devoted to this incredible misstatement/admission/blunder. It is unbelievable to think that on the very day of the Convention devoted to the War on Terror, GW Bush contradicts himself and thus undercuts the very premise of his re-election campaign!

"You can bet that John Kerry tomorrow in Nashville when he addresses the American Legion National Convention will use this blunder against President Bush. And you can bet that the Democrats will go on a full offensive with this “can’t win” statement.

"Their rejoinder?

"“We must win the War on Terror and we are going to win this war.”"