Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Matt Labash on Michael Moore

Labash reviews Farenheit 9/11 here. The Weekly Standard also reprints an earlier Labash article, Michael Moore, One-Trick Phony, with this interesting tidbit:

"Once Moore hit the big time, most journalists swallowed his bootstrap revisionism, ignoring the less sexy reality that Moore had sipped liberally at the usual funding spigots. Laurence Jarvik, in a much-over-looked piece in Montage magazine, reported that Moore (who claimed he had never made more than $15,000 a year before Roger & Me) had been an NPR commentator, received two $20,000 grants from the MacArthur Foundation, secured a hefty advance from Doubleday for a book about Flint, and benefited from the largesse of Stewart Mott, the black-sheep GM scion who ran a family fund out of his New York penthouse where Moore sometimes stayed. (Moore, as is his way, accused Jarvik of being an envious liar.)"

BTW, the 1990 Montage article was titled: "Will the Real Michael Moore Please Stand Up?" Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it online.