Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update on Protests Against Criminal Drunk Driver Anthony Marx's New York Public Library Vandalism

Hey Laurence, You have received the following message about "President Marx: Reconsider the $350 million plan to remake NYC's landmark central library" on ------------------------------------------- Update about 'President Marx: Reconsider the $350 million plan to remake NYC's landmark central library' Dear Colleagues, We are writing to those of you who signed the letter to Tony Marx, protesting the plans for the CLP at the New York Public Library. *First, we want to let you know that since the petition went online a few days ago, we've added more than 300 signatures, among them those of Tom Stoppard, Colm Toibin, Francine Prose, Donna Tartt, Darryl Pinckney, and Antonio Munoz Molin. Now we need your help circulating the petition on Facebook, Twitter, email or in person—whatever works for you. It is vital that we get as many signatures as possible. *Second, we want to invite you to join us at a public meeting about the Library's plans on Tuesday, May 22 at the Theresa Lang Community Center of the New School for Social Research, 55 W 13th St, 2nd floor, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. A panel consisting of preservation architect Mark Hewitt, historian David Nasaw, n+1 editor Charles Petersen, and historian Joan Scott, will be moderated by Eric Banks, president of the National Book Critics Circle. The NYPL has been invited to send a representative to join the panel discussion. Thus far they have declined. *Third, you may have received a letter yesterday from the library's president, Tony Marx, in which he mentions a piece in the New York Review of Books by Robert Darnton. Several of us have sent replies to Darnton's article to the NYRB. You can expect to hear more replies to Tony Marx's comments at the panel on Tuesday. *Fourth, there has been a good deal of coverage of the petition in the New York Times ( and the Wall Street Journal ( An investigative article and overview of the library's plans, with many new revelations, has also been published in n+1 magazine ( Even the American Conservative ( has picked up the cause. There are more articles in the works. Our letter seems to have opened a public discussion in exactly the way we hoped it would. We're extremely grateful to you for having help us do that. Please help us continue to do so by spreading word about this petition with whomever you can. Many thanks, Joan Scott (for the organizers of the protest campaign) ------------------------------------------- Click the link below to view the message and reply. To stop receiving update emails about this action, click the link below.