Sunday, April 01, 2012

Eliyho Matz on a Chinese Passover Offer...

Passover Chinese News
BY: Eli-yho Ma-tz
April 1, 2012
​In a surprise move, the Chinese Communist government announced today, April 1, 2012, a special offer to all Jewish patrons who are celebrating the Passover holiday.  A free Chinese kosher meal will be given out at all local Chinese restaurants, paid for by the Chinese government.  
What apparently prompted this move was consideration based on two parallel events: the Chinese Communists’ “Long March,” that started with a small step by the late Chairman Mao (in Hebrew, meaning “What is he?), and Moses and his famous long march through the desert, that is the symbol of Hebrew liberation.  The affinity of both events and the resulting similarity of experiences, as well as the Jewish involvement in the Silk Road trade for hundreds of years, were part of this consideration.  Upon registering with, the internet user will be able to print out a coupon for a free kosher Chinese dinner at any location in the United States.
In an arrangement made with the Kosher Chicken and Matzot authorities in Israel, these authorities will provide kosher chicken and matzot to every Chinese restaurant in the United States, all paid for by the Chinese Communist government.  There will be no need for anyone who wishes to participate to show an identity card – all coupons taken from this website will be honored.  
The long business history between Jews and Chinese dating back for at least 3000 years has prompted this generous promotional gesture.  This offer will only last for the eight days of the Passover holiday.  The promoters believe that it will support the love of Chinese food among Jews.  The Chinese have not yet targeted their next ethnic group for a similar promotion of Chinese food, but rumors heard at various Chinese restaurants suggest the next recipients to be Native American Indians and Eskimos.