Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DCPS, Metro TeenAIDS respond to Hardy Middle School "sex test" uproar as Rhee resigns | The Georgetown Dish

Whatta way to go! Michelle Rhee has resigned, amidst a sex text scandal at D.C.'s Hardy Middle covered online in this article:DCPS, Metro TeenAIDS respond to Hardy Middle School "sex test" uproar as Rhee resigns says The Georgetown Dish
As WJLA, NBC4 and FOX5 covered the "sex test" controversy at Hardy Middle School first reported in The Georgetown Dish, DCPS issued a statement to Hardy parents and The Washington Post and other media reported that Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee will resign today.

The DCPS statement defended the sex education program at Hardy, but not the failure to get informed consent from parents for their children's participation in both the test and the program. "Both the 'Making Proud Choices!' and DCPS health curriculum of which it is a part are in-line with the DC Health Learning Standards as well as the National Health Education Standards," the DCPS statement said.

The DCPS statement argued about the definition of a "test", stating that the sex "'pre-test' Hardy students were given was not a test at all, but an assessment used to determine the students’ baseline knowledge and to responsibly assure that students get all of the information and skills they need to protect themselves," said DCPS. The statement did not explain the thinking behind a "pre-test" administered to 12-year-olds referred to sexual organs and activities, so-called "dental dams," drug use during sex, and transgenderism.

"Unfortunately," DCPS said, "the opt-out letter to parents regarding this unit in the health class went home on the same day that the assessment was administered. As a result, there was not enough time to allow for parental response before the unit began."