Friday, July 02, 2010

Veterans Testify Against Kagan Nomination

From Politics Daily:
Army Capt. Flagg Youngblood, USA (Ret.), a Yale graduate, voiced the strongest objections to Kagan's appointment, calling her oversight of the separate-but-equal access for recruiters at Harvard Law "a total disregard for the rule of law" and an "unlawful brand of segregation."

"Imagine Dean Kagan on the lunch counter," Youngblood told the senators, comparing military recruiters to African- Americans during the Civil Rights movement. "What she said to the military in effect was, 'You're welcome here, but would you be so kind as to use the back door by the garbage? You don't mind eating in the kitchen, do you?'"

Army Capt. Pete Hegseth, an Iraq War veteran who attends Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, said Kagan treated the military "like second-class citizens" when she continued limiting recruiters' access to the career services office.

"Her actions undercut the military's ability to fight and win wars overseas," Hegseth said. He also lamented the fact that Kagan, whom he considers anti-military, is slated to replace Justice John Paul Stevens, the last remaining veteran on the high court.

Hegseth also said Kagan's supporters are wrong to point to Harvard Law's increased numbers in the military as a good reflection on Kagan's time as dean. "It increased in spite of Ms. Kagan, not because of her," he said.

Finally, Thomas Moe, an Air Force veteran and POW in Vietnam, said Kagan's disregard for the Solomon Amendment should disqualify her from consideration for the court. "As a citizen, I cannot support the nomination of a justice who can pick and choose the laws they wish to follow," he said.