Sunday, July 04, 2004

Howard Stern v. President Bush

A reader emails that President Bush might need to worry about Howard Stern...

"Michael Moore won't change a single vote, in my opinion. The real cultural disaster for George Bush is Howard Stern, who has millions of loyal listeners, who is a true independent voter, and who supported Bush in 2000 and supported the war. But now Stern has fully mobilized himself -- using his daily show and website -- to rally his followers to vote AGAINST Bush, all because of the FCC campaign against him. These are former Bush votes that are turning to Kerry, and to make matter s worse, Bush could have fixed it any number of times after the initial FCC broadside . . . but he chooses not to or doesn't realize what's at stake. No one seems to notice that Stern has just been reinstated by Infinity Broadcasting in stations in FLORIDA, a swing state.

"If Bush loses, it will be because between 2000 and 2004 he lost Howard Stern, his natural supporter, not because Michael Moore hates him."