Monday, December 13, 2010

Tashkent Gets WikiLeaked...

Finally, a few cables from the US Embassy in Uzbekisatan
have been released, here Tashkent Gets WikiLeaked: Gulnara is "Most Hated Person in the Country" |

To me, there is nothing in them that looks secret...I don't know why the Guardian xxxxx-ed out the name of the alleged head of the Uzbek mafia--unless he's a British agent. Just type "head of Uzbek mafia" into google and the name will appear.

IMHO, Jon Purnell shows little insight as ambassador, recycling the conventional US wisdom from questionable sources in addition to office gossip. I'm pretty sure George W. Bush was more "hated" in Uzbekistan than Gulnara, perhaps that's why the US ambassador didn't cite polling data in his leaked cable.